Scenic, Serenity, Authentic

Through the vision, dedication and a rare understanding of the land this unique 500 square km game ranch was established over two decades by the McAdam family.

Today Hunters Moon is one of the largest privately owned single unit game ranches in South Africa.


Due to the diversity in habitat types Hunters Moon is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Vegetation range from open grasslands to
broken bush and riverine thickets along the Seacow River.

An array of Landscapes

Hunters Moon is characterised by vast Serengeti-like plains interspersed with rocky outcrops and majestic mountains.

The Seacow River flows through the south of the ranch and the Vanderkloof Dam is situated in the north.


At night the sky transform into a picturesque display of colours as the stars lighting up.

Due to the remoteness of Hunters Moon there are no light interference or pollution from close-by cities making this one of the most unspoilt locations in the country.