Unrestricted Access

500 square km

Hunters Moon is located in the centre of the country in the Karoo region of South Africa with easy access to the N1, the major national road linking Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Hunters Moon has its own private airstrip with transfers to the ranch and is 270km away from the nearest airport. The closest town is Colesberg (30km), while major centres Kimberly (265km) and Bloemfontein (360km) are within an easy 3 hours’ drive.

Hunters Moon is in a Summer rainfall area where the Winters are dry with mild daytime temperatures and chilly evenings. The climate is one of the healthiest in the country and ideal for hunting, with little chance of wet weather during hunting season.

The ranch straddles 25 kilometers of the Seacow River and is characterized by vast Serengeti-like plains interspersed with rocky outcrops and tree lined drainage systems providing good hunting cover.

It is boarded on the North West by the Vanderkloof dam. The ranch has 20km of dam frontage with unrestricted access for the game. The Northern part of the ranch has numerous acacia lined drainages that flow into the dam.


Due to the large size of the ranch there is a wide diversity of habitats in which the wildlife live. Hunters Moon offers a vast amount of different species of wildlife and with this the opportunity to collect the trophy of a lifetime due to the sheer number of game on the ranch.

Hunters Moon has 12 000 head of game which make up the following:
1 +
1 +
Species of Antelope
Different Colour variations Springbok

(Common, Black, Copper & White)

Disease free
1 +
Roan and
Sable Antelope

Extract from the journal of:


The first thing that struck me with astonishment was the incredible amount of game that literally covered the country: When we descended into the great plains bordering on the Seacow River, the endless droves of Wildebeest, Quaggas, Hartebeests, Gemsbok, Blesbok and Springbok were indeed astonishing.