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Hunting Adventure

Hunting parties are accompanied by professional hunters and trackers. Hunting vehicles are used to reach your destination from where all stalking is done on foot in accordance with worldwide hunting ethics.

The entire 50 000 hectares ranch has no internal fences which guarantees fair chase hunting. The hunting experience is unique due to the extensive size of the property which adds to the exclusivity, as it is very unlikely for you to see another vehicle while hunting.

Firearms & Ammunition

The choice of firearm is largely up to the individual client; however, we do recommend the following:

. 1

suitable for most antelope species such as Springbok or Impala.

. 1

as a minimum for larger animals like Eland and Zebra

. 1

is required to hunt Buffalo

We advise you to bring as much ammunition as you can, in addition to the rifle cleaning equipment and sturdy gun cases.


Clothing and Equipment

Daytime temperatures are mild and dry in Winter (May to September) with little chance of rain as Hunters Moon is in a Summer rainfall area. The evenings, however, can get very cold.

We recommend packing clothing which is of a light tan colour. It is also recommended to include a light windbreaker for daytime wear and thicker/warmer jackets for the evenings.

Make certain that you bring comfortable, well worn-in walking shoes and a hat or cap for protection from the sun. Other items of importance are sunglasses, binoculars, a knife, reliable camera and plenty of film.


Trophy Preparation and Shipping

The ranch has its own well-equipped slaughter facility. Trophies will be expertly caped and cured, and we will arrange all packing, crating and export of your trophies with professional shipping agents. The dipping and dispatch of trophies is an additional cost dependent on the number of trophies assigned for export.

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