One of the largest private game ranches in South Africa

500 square km single unit ranch

Vast diversity of wildlife

Unique and exclusive

Unrivalled hunting experience

Finely balanced ecosystem

Hunters Moon is situated in the Karoo region of South Africa which host an astonishing variety of fauna and flora.

From picturesque wild flowers, astounding birdlife and interesting insects to mammals, reptiles and big herds of antelope Hunters Moon is teaming with life.

Every single specie play an integral part to the healthy ecosystem on the ranch.

Fair chase hunting

We are committed to fair chase hunting. Pursue world class trophy game on over 500 square km of land.

Stalking is done on foot where you are accompanied by an experienced Professional Hunter and Tracker who will point out mature trophy quality game and share their knowledge of the land and animals along the way.

Due to the extensive size of the land Hunters Moon offers a vast diversity of habitat types and species. The sheer number of game and strict hunting quotas ensure excellent trophy quality.

Hunters Moon is home to over 12 000 head of game including:

Species of Antelope
1 +
1 +
1 +
Different Colour variations Springbuck

(Common, Black, Copper & White)

1 +
Disease free
1 +
Roan and
Sable Antelope

Extract from the journal of great explorer

Sir Andries

The first thing that struck me with astonishment was the incredible amount of game that literally covered the country: When we descended into the great plains bordering on the Seacow River, the endless droves of Wildebeest, Quaggas, Hartebeests, Gemsbok, Blesbok and Springbok were indeed astonishing.